Appointment with the infertility specialist? Here are 14 questions you need to ask!

Millions of people all around the world suffer from this dreadful disease of infertility. Dreadful not because of any physical pain but because of emotional pain that signifies that you aren’t capable of a happy little family. Guess what? That’s nowhere to the truth. Because the medical industry now has various options for you to treat yourself and bring to life a healthy little baby to fulfil your dream of a complete family. But, all this starts with asking the right questions to your infertility specialist. This article is based on exactly that.

14 Questions to ask your infertility specialist

1. What has been your (the infertility specialist’s) experience with past patients in this regard?

The answer to this question will help you know about the success rates. Plus, it will also help you know about some past patients and how happy they were with the doctor’s service.

2. What are your credentials and success rates?

Just like any other aspect of life, it is important to know how skilled the infertility specialist who is advising you, is. For example, I, Dr Sheetal Agarwal have 24+ years of experience in helping infertile couples bear a baby. Asking a question like this will also help you know your OBGYN better, which is essential to garner trust.

3. What do my past issues and reports suggest about our condition?

Many a time, your past issues like Diabetes, Obesity, PCOS, Endometriosis, etc., may be enough for the infertility specialist to know the cause of your infertility if you are having any troubles getting pregnant.

4. What is the role of my current age and lifestyle in this issue?

Age is one crucial factor that can affect your fertility. That’s because the body’s capability of producing sperms or eggs decreases with age. No wonder, lifestyle habits like smoking, diets, lack of exercise, alcohol, etc. are also a big factor to consider.

5. What are the options available?

From medications to the procedure of laparoscopy or even IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation), there are various options available for you to bear a child for your family. Knowing all options from your infertility specialist is essential to choose the one most suitable to your condition.

6. What treatments do you suggest?

You won’t be able to judge for yourself on what treatment to go for. Only your infertility specialist’s experience and skill will be able to help you with that. That’s the reason, you need to know what treatment she has to suggest based on your conditions and reports.

7. When should I seek treatment?

Some infertility specialists say you shouldn’t get into treatment without having tried for at least 12 months. Others are okay with that number being 6. Additionally, it depends on your age as well, that’s why, you can’t be too late. Only the doctor, therefore, will be able to tell you when is the perfect time to seek the treatment she suggests.


8. What tests will have to be performed?

Before any treatment, comes the tests that diagnose your issue and its severity. In case the cause of infertility is unknown, the tests help find that. In that case, both the partners will have to undergo tests in order to find the issue and the right treatment.

9. How much will it all cost?

Finances play a big role in each and every aspect of our lives. And more so, regarding our health. It is essential to know how much your diagnosis and treatment will cost you, as usually, it creates a hole in people’s pockets. Especially, when the treatment is something like IVF. Call us today to know the rates or any inexpensive options.

10. How much time will the procedure require?

A treatment that comes with all the meetings with the doctors and tests and surgeries requires you to give it an ample amount of time. Knowing this from your infertility specialist is more so important as it can also interfere in your regular life.

11. Whom should I contact if I have any questions during the tests or the treatment and thereafter?

A point of contact may make things easier for you in times of worry and anxiety regarding your diagnosis and treatment. The doctor may or may not be available for you 24/7. Things become less stressful when you know whom to ask when you have questions.

12. What changes do I need to do on a diet level? Any supplements required?

Changes made in the diet, be it removing the bad unhealthy foods or adding something like supplements and superfoods, may help you leap forward towards this dream of yours. For example, Omega -3 fatty acids and vitamin D might help. Your infertility specialist is the best person to ask about these things.
13. What are the potential risks or side effects of the treatment you are suggesting? Any precautions to take?

Such a question will help you prepare for the treatment and will certainly ease the procedure for the infertility specialist as well.

14. Is working on my regular job along with the treatment fine for the success of the treatment?

When you are working and getting treated at the same time, some doctor’s suggest you leave your job. They say it increases stress and disturbs the treatment. Although, some specialists also say it doesn’t matter much. Ask this question to your infertility specialist and decide what suits your situation best.

Haven’t booked an appointment yet? Take that step today! One step now could make or break your dream of a happy complete family. Call us today!

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