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Get a Hysteroscopy for infertility, abdominal bleeding, surgery and other issues in the uterine cavity, from Dr Sheetal Agarwal allowing diagnoses of intrauterine pathology and serve as a method of surgical intervention. As a qualified specialist for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, Dr Agarwal uses this method to treat any medical issues of her patients.


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When Do You Need Hysteroscopy?

A Hysteroscopy surgery specialist can help you to treat various medical issues in reproductive organs:

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

Women require diagnostic hysteroscopy for finding out reasons for abnormal bleeding, cause behind repeated miscarriages, detection of fibroids or polyp which may be cancerous, investigating reasons for fertility issues and pelvic pain.

Operative Hysteroscopy

Women with medical problems in their reproductive organs may require operative hysteroscopy in circumstances like removal of adhesions, intrauterine devices inserted into the uterus for birth control, fibroids or growths, etc.

Medical Problems

Hysteroscopy surgery is needed for several life-threatening conditions like cancers in uterus, cervix, vagina, fallopian tubes and ovaries, uncontrollable pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine bleeding, rupture of the uterus etc.


How does Hysteroscopy Benefit You?

With Dr Sheetal Agarwal, getting a hysteroscopy surgery can help avoid various risks and aid in a faster recovery:

  • Less Invasive- Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are both less evasive procedures and do not require open incision surgery.
  • Shorter Recovery-Hysteroscopy surgery is not a very long procedure, and is less invasive, therefore requires a shorter period of recovery & a shorter period of hospital stay.
  • Less Pain Medication- Since hysteroscopy surgery doesn't require an open abdominal procedure, extreme pain medication is not required for patients.
  • Safer than Surgery- A hysteroscopy surgery is a procedure that is considered safer than open abdominal surgery.

What is hysteroscopy? Are there any similarities between laparoscopy and hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is a procedure through which a Hysteroscope is inserted into your cervix for examination. The light at the end of this tool helps to find issues regarding the fallopian tubes, uterus and the cervix. Usually performed when a women faces abnormal bleeding and intolerable cramping, it can be either a diagnostic or an operative hysteroscopy surgery. Sometimes, both are done simultaneously if required.

Similar to the hysteroscopy surgery, laparoscopy is also done for examination of organs. However, it is done with the help of a small incision made in the abdomen with the aim of avoiding an open surgery. When it comes to similarities, both laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are painful procedures that require the use of anesthesia. Both are diagnostic and operative depending on the situation and use their specific slender tools called the Laparoscope and Hysteroscope respectively. Additionally, they take a similar amount of time ranging from a few hours to a whole day.

Proper examination and evaluation done by these procedures helps a woman gain insights about her uterine abnormalities which can further be treated during the same procedures. If required, these surgeries can be performed in combination of other crucial ones as well.

Hysteroscopy for Infertility

Infertility can be caused by a lot of reasons. Many times it is unexplained. To evaluate the issues, it is necessary to undergo a hysteroscopy for infertility. This helps the doctor find an explanation for infertility. She diagnoses the uterine conditions which can be fibroids, scarring on your uterus, synechia etc. Thus, examining the uterine cavity helps infertile women find the reasons for their uterine abnormalities. They can further get them treated by a specialist of operative hysteroscopy for infertility.

How much does Hysteroscopy cost in Delhi?

Being one of the most expensive cities of the nation, this is quite a common question. The answer is that hysteroscopy costs in Delhi are shooting up every other day. You will certainly find doctors who charge peanuts but the hysteroscopy surgery done poorly by them may cause catastrophic complications.

Since, it is a matter of your health, you must not take a chance with ill-experienced doctors to get a hysteroscopy surgery done in meager prices. It is always better to find a qualified doctor with extensive expertise to get yourself treated. Dr. Sheetal Agarwal is one such doctor with 24 years of experience. Moreover, her charges are quite reasonable for the peace of mind, satisfaction and results which you get as her patient. The positive testimonials we often get from her patients makes this quite evident.

Also, these costs vary according to the type of hysteroscopy to be done. This can be diagnostic or operative. Only a proper understanding of your case will let a doctor quote the perfect price of the procedure. So, how much does hysteroscopy cost in Delhi? Well, book a consultation with Dr. Sheetal Agarwal now and get your answer along with the various other answers your mind is craving for.