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Why visit a Gynae Onco Surgeon?

You may be at risk for complications if you fall into one of these categories:

Abnormal Bleeding

Experience of unusual vaginal bleeding, especially after menopause, should be reported to a gynae onco surgeon immediately. If there are unusually heavy & long periods, then visit Dr Agarwal for gynae oncology consultation.

Unusual Bloating

One of the main symptoms of ovarian cancer is increased abdominal size and abdominal bloating which may be persistent. In case you're experiencing abnormal bloating for a while then visiting a gynae onco surgeon is important.

Abdominal Pain

One of the warning signs of Uterine and Ovarian cancer is unusual and persistent pelvic, back and abdominal pain which may lead to nausea. Symptoms like these require you to visit a gynae oncology clinic as soon as possible.


Advantages of Gynae Oncology Care

There are various types of gynaecological cancers that require the expert care of a gynae onco surgeon:

  • Diagnosing Symptoms- A gynae oncology specialist will diagnose symptoms of cancer correctly & with utmost care.
  • Medical Treatments & Procedures- A trained gynae onco surgeon will always suggest various methods of treatment depending upon the stage of cancer.
  • Complex Surgical Procedures- Gynae onco surgeon are trained to treat cancers with the help of complex surgical procedures.
  • Specialised Aftercare-After surgery care is very important for a proper and speedy recovery of the patient, which can only be provided by a trained gynae onco surgeon.

What is gynae oncology?

A specialised field of Cancer, gynae oncology focuses on cancers of the female reproductive system. The parts that can get affected by the cancerous cells include the Uterus, Ovaries, Fallopian tubes, Vagina, Cervix and the Clitoris. These can lead to diseases like Vaginal cancer, Cervical cancer, Endometrial carcinoma, Ovarian cancer, Germ cell tumours in the ovary, Primary peritoneal cancer, Fallopian tube cancer, Endometrial sarcoma, and more.

With so many possible cancers to welcome catastrophe in your life, it is important to find a great gynae onco surgeon who can treat you out of them.

What does a gynae onco surgeon do?

Also known as the gynaecologist oncologist, a gynae onco surgeon is one with specialisation of diagnosing and treating cancers related to women's reproductive organs. She is the leader of the team involved in a woman's gynaecological cancer care. Her responsibility includes the act of understanding your specific condition and then coming up with a plan. This plan helps her perform the necessary tests that help diagnose the cancer.

According to the results of the tests performed she carves out another plan. Finally, when implemented by the gynae onco surgeon, this plan helps her achieve a successful treatment.

How to find a good gynae oncology clinic?

The best way to find a good gynae oncology clinic is by looking at the expertise of the surgeon who is supposed to treat you. With an expertise in this field, Dr. Sheetal Agarwal is one highly qualified gynae onco surgeon. She has 24 years of experience with numerous happy testimonials by her prior patients. Along with that, she brings her affection and care for every cancer patient to the operation table.

Although, Dr. Sheetal Agarwal charges reasonably as compared to other surgeons in nearby towns, pricing is not something you should care about. As it is only your health and wellness along with the goal of getting rid of cancer that matters most. One of the best gynae oncology clinics in Delhi, Dr. Sheetal Agarwal's clinic has accomplished several treatments.

We understand the struggle of cancer patients and the disruptions in life they, along with their families have to go through. If you are a gynae cancer patient or a well wisher of one, here is what you must do. You should stop struggling and take action.

Book a consultation with her to kill the negativity of cancer now! And remember that we are here for you.