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Dr Sheetal Agarwal is a qualified Infertility specialist, who will provide her medical expertise in the most comfortable fashion. Embark on your fertility treatment with the best IVF doctor in Delhi and avail her expert advice to guide you through your journey successfully. With Dr Agarwal, your dreams to start a happy family can come true.


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How can an Infertility Specialist Help?

The best infertility specialist in Delhi can help you in various ways to start a healthy family:

Diagnosing Infertility

The best Infertility Specialist in Delhi will understand your lifestyle & your medical history, which may lead to a proper diagnosis of infertility which will further help devise a treatment plan & come up with viable solutions.

Treating Infertility

Once diagnosed, the Infertility Specialist will devise treatment plans and schedules for the couple. The treatment plan will depend on the cause of infertility, the period of infertility the age of the couple & personal preferences.

Helping Expecting Couples

Future mother & fathers expecting to become parents and start a family should consult the best fertility doctor in Delhi to make sure that their pregnancy phase will pass without any complications and tackle any hurdles if present.


When should you see an Infertility Specialist?

There are certain conditions that require couples to visit the best fertility specialist like Dr Agarwal for a consultation:

  • Women over 40- For women over 40 not only are the chances of conceiving fewer, but the risk for miscarriage is greater.
  • Unstable BMI- Couples with a higher or lower BMI should visit the best fertility doctor in Delhi when they try to conceive.
  • Women with Thyroid- An unstable thyroid means unstable hormones which may impact successful conception or a healthy pregnancy.
  • Women with Reproductive Issues-Women with known issues, like PCOS or PCOD or endometriosis, should be evaluated when they begin attempting pregnancy.

What is infertility? How can IVF help with it?

Research suggests that about 85% of couples are able to conceive in the first year of trying. The inability to conceive by the remaining (infertiles) came to be known as infertility.This condition arises due to many factors. Some of which are pacing maternal age, fibroids, tubal occlusion, disorders regarding ovulation, male factor infertility, endometriosis and endometrial polyps. Pelvic infections and irregular menstrual periods are symptoms that are commonly found.

One of the best treatments of infertility is IVF. Performed by an infertility specialist, In vitro fertilisation or IVF allows fertilisation of the egg outside the body, i.e., in an embryology laboratory. The process is deemed as highly successful and many couples have found their lost happiness because of it.

Who are infertility specialists and what do they do?

The best infertility specialists help you give birth to a beautiful little loved one of which you have lost hope for. One way to do this is by using the process of IVF. During IVF, the woman is injected gonadotropin injections. These injections stimulate the ovaries which as a result, produce more eggs.

Another HCG injection is further induced which helps with the maturation of eggs. Once these eggs are ready to be ovulated, the specialist uses a needle to collect them from the ovary. She does this by passing it through the vaginal wall after putting the to-be mother under mild anesthesia.

The embryologist then fertilises these eggs using the partner's sperm (may also be a donor's sperm). Within 3-5 days, the eggs develop into embryos. After this, a couple of embryos are carefully placed in the uterine cavity at the ideal position.

The pregnancy test performed two weeks after this procedure turns out to be positive. Thus, the best IVF doctor gifts you and your family a pretty little unborn.

Which is the best ivf centre in Delhi NCR?

While you will find many of them, the best IVF centre in Delhi NCR will certainly be the one with the best fertility doctor in Delhi. Additionally, the doctor with the most reasonable charges will stand out as the best IVF doctor in Delhi.

Thinking of health matters and success rates, it is important for you to consider the fertility doctor with immense amounts of experience. You should also consider the feedback given the prior patients of this doctor.

Best Infertility Specialist in Delhi

Dr. Sheetal Agarwal is one highly experienced doctor. She is amongst the best infertility specialists in Delhi. With an experience of 24 years in the best of hospitals in and around Delhi, Dr. Sheetal Agarwal often gets positive recounts from her prior patients. With her reasonable pricing regarding the IVF process, she is running one of the best IVF centres in Delhi NCR.

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