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Vaginal Tightening: Need, procedure and precautions

What is Vaginal Tightening?

The muscles in vagina are elastic and get loose due to various events occurring in a female life including childbirth, lifestyle, uterine prolapse (causing a shift in the uterus and creates pressure on the vagina making it loose). Want to get vaginal tightening treatment done? Get help with experts…

Vaginal muscles have an ability of contract and relax but there are certain reasons due to which the muscles may expand too much and cause permanent looseness in the vagina. Vagina tightening surgery or vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that helps in regaining the younger phase of female intimate parts. One should also be aware about the Vaginal tightening cost, treatment and precautions involved in and after the surgery.

Due to high technology based enhancements and improvements in the field of cosmetic gynaecology, Vaginal tightening or labiaplasty has been broadly accepted worldwide. These are the most common accepted vaginal surgeries with growing popularity. The principle of cosmetic gynaecology is based on enhancing the beauty of intimate parts of female body that have lost their essence due to certain events happening in life. It is always important to know and consider each and every important aspect of the vaginal rejuvenation treatment in order to avoid any challenge in the future.

Need of Vaginal Tightening surgery

According to a famous physician in U.S: Our vaginas are not like rubber bands, they don’t snap just right back. Female vagina loses its elasticity due to various reasons. Out of these reasons, childbirth is the most common reason. The process of childbirth involves expansion of the muscles and cause laxity in the vagina. The extent to which the muscles are stretched often causes a permanent loose in the vagina and makes it difficult to regain the original shape and size. Also, if any woman decides to take up the Vaginal tightening surgery, the realistic expectation should also be cleared out.

Vaginal Tightening

Female intimate organs are not immune to the aging process. Aging is also one of the major reasons for loss of elasticity in vagina. As the age increases, incontinence, decrease in estrogen, dryness, the vagina loses its elasticity. With age, the muscles tend to appear less elastic and feel less stiff than younger women. The inability of the muscles to regain their original shape causes loosening of vagina. In US, the major sections of the women who undergo vaginal tightening surgeries are above 40. Get the most advanced vaginal tightening treatment done under the guidance of experts which is both reliable and cost efficient vaginal tightening surgery.

Procedure of  Vaginal Tightening and precautions to be taken

There are certain medical related issues that require vaginal tightening surgery which includes pain during intercourse after delivery. Vaginal tightening is a procedure that involves tightening of the muscles. Some of the studies have also claimed that this surgery increases the sensitivity of the vagina, but this fact has not been proven by any evidence. The surgery involves using laser to tighten the walls of vagina which helps in contraction of the muscles. The surgery does not use any foreign material or instrument to induce tightening in the existing muscles. In the process, the patient’s own tissues and muscles are used to give the tightening effect and are completely safe.

The result of the Vaginal Tightening is immediate; the person can feel the sensation of tightness just after the surgery. If there are any signs of infection, antibiotics are given to the patient for one week. The patient is suggested to have light meals and avoid any physical exertion such as running, jogging, cardio exercises as well as sexual intercourse. The procedure takes about 30 – 45 minutes and the client can go back to their home after 24 hours. This is a completely safe procedure carried out by professionals. The patients are often advised to quit smoking at least one month before the surgery. The cost of vaginal surgery varies from 1 -2 lakh depending on the kind of services chosen by the patients. It is very important to take necessary precaution in order to avoid any health issue.

Sometimes natural ways can also be considered to strengthen your vaginal muscles and can help with vaginal tightening, and support your bladder, rectum, small intestine and uterus. There are also special pills and creams which are designed for vaginal tightening and can be found on different online portals.

The vaginal tightening surgery is a non invasive surgery and does not involve a long stay in the hospital the overall cost of the Vaginal tightening surgery is dependent on the kind of services a patient chooses for their surgery. If you have any queries regarding the vaginal tightening surgery, seek help from expert gynae, Sheetal Agarwal and clear your doubts away.

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