Natural Methods of Treatment for Infertility That You Need to Know!

Motherhood can easily be termed as the most lovely and miraculous phase in a woman’s life. Once you get married, it is common to have a longing to become a mother. But, if infertility comes into the picture, life, all of a sudden becomes scary and meaningless. No one would ever want to be a victim of it. Yet, we can’t deny that one in every three couples, today, are infertile and need treatment for infertility. That’s not a thing to worry much though, because new and innovative techniques are on the rise to offer the best treatment for infertility.

A female can be infertile when she is not able to conceive even after more than a year of unprotected sex. There are specific tests to detect the real reason for her infertility. These tests are the first steps in the Treatment for infertility.

The struggle to conceive has become a common issue. The causes of infertility are many. A major part of the treatment for infertility includes making changes to your lifestyle. Let us take a look at this aspect and see how you can naturally start your treatment for infertility.

8 Natural Ways of Treatment for Infertility.


1. Nutrition is key

To treat yourself, consume a healthy diet, rich in folate, protein, and vitamins. Try to eat fruits like kiwi, pomegranate, banana, apple, and strawberries. Add in nuts like cashew, walnuts and almonds as they are rich in minerals and irons.

In your salad or oatmeal, you can also try adding flaxseeds. Also, you should stay away from junk food and fast food. These foods contain additives and preservatives, which have adverse effects on fertility. Healthy eating is necessary as women with a BMI of more than 30 are prone to problems with pregnancy.

If you have further queries, you can book a consultation with me and I’ll help you out.

2. Have proper sleep

Getting a good sleep at night is the best way to restore your body’s lost momentum and get back control. Thus, a great way to help your body in the natural treatment for infertility.

3. Don’t take too much of stress

Tension is harmful to your body, as it creates chaos i.e., an imbalance of hormones. This makes your cycle less stable. If you are trying to get pregnant, make sure you stay clear of any kind of stress.

4.  Avoid smoking

If you want positive test results in your pregnancy, the habit of smoking needs to be quenched for both you and your family. Smoking increases the likelihood of ectopic pregnancies. An ectopic pregnancy is one in which the fertilised egg is not attached inside the uterus, rather some other place like the fallopian tubes. Such a type of pregnancy is known to increase the chances of miscarriage.

In men, smoking also decreases sperm count and efficiency.

5. Try using ovulation calendar

The most significant thing to increase fertility chances is the menstrual cycle. It can help you figure out the duration of your period. It gives an idea of the best day of the month when you are most fertile. Intercourse done based on the calendar increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

6. Cut caffeine

High caffeine levels lowers your chances of becoming pregnant. Make sure you remove caffeinated things like black tea, coffee, soft drinks etc. from your diet.

According to a study, it was reported that it takes up to 9.5 months longer to conceive if you consume more than 500 mg of caffeine in a day. Plus, the intake increases the risk of miscarriage.

7. Maintain a distance from trans fats

Experts associate trans fats with an increased risk of ovulatory infertility. The reason for this is their negative impact on insulin affectability.

A major study has shown that infertility is associated with an eating regimen higher in trans fats and lower in unsaturated fats.

8. Cut down the carbs

Low-carb diets help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce insulin levels. This helps regulate irregular menstrual cycles which might be a cause of your infertility.

In fact, a major observational study has showed that the probability of infertility rises as carb admission in the body increases.

The data of the study suggests that women who ate more carbohydrates had a 78 percent greater risk of infertility than the women who followed a low-carb diet.

Another study involving overweight ladies with PCOS revealed that consuming a low-carb diet decreased the levels of hormones. These hormones include testosterone and insulin, both of which can lead to infertility.

Consult a Fertility Specialist

If all the other methods couldn’t help you, it’s time you see a fertility specialist. Your fertility doctor can help you assess your condition and recommend a treatment for infertility that you might have never heard of. After all, the medical industry is evolving at a faster pace than ever before.

Consulting an experienced doctor will not only help assess the probability of conception but will also help your chances of pregnancy.

Owing to my 24+ years of experience, I would love to give you proper advice. Also, I will answer any of your queries and recommend the best natural treatment for infertility. Varying from person to person, the treatment depends on a lot of factors. I’ll help you find out the best one suitable in your case. If required, I’ll help you undergo In Vitro Fertilisation, which is an awesome technique used by many couples nowadays to welcome a little loved one to their family.

So, don’t lose heart, book your consultation today!

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