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Did you know that women near the stage of menopause are more likely to develop gynecologic cancers? That’s exactly what our topic of the day is. We’ll delve into the field of gyne cancers, symptoms, and how an onco surgeon can help you out. Most importantly, we’ll get to know about one of the best gynecologist in Delhi for gyne oncology treatments.

What is Gyne Oncology?

Gynecological Oncology is also called gyne oncology in short. It is a field of cancer that involves cancers related to the female reproductive system. Cancerous cells can affect a woman’s uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, ovaries, cervix, and the clitoris.

You might want to note that breast cancer (not a gyne cancer) is the most common cancer in women. According to studies, it accounts for around 25% of all cancers. We’ll know more about breast cancers in a future article.

Among gyne cancers, Ovarian cancer is considered the most deadly of all. Studies suggest that it is the fifth leading cause of death due to cancer among women. Ocrahope.org has detailed statistics on this particular cancer.

Other gyne cancers include Vaginal cancer, Cervical cancer, Endometrial carcinoma, Primary peritoneal cancer, Fallopian tube cancer, and Endometrial sarcoma. Women also suffer from germ cell tumors in the ovary, which might be considered another type.

With so many types of gyne cancers, you, as a woman, are vulnerable to a catastrophe in life. It’s essential to understand some symptoms of these diseases. This awareness will help you know and comprehend how to get treated out of this situation.


Symptoms of Gynecological Cancers

There’s no sure-shot way to tell if you have cancer. But, there are specific warning signs that many women with gyne cancers in the past have noticed.

With proper attention on how your body operates, do try to understand them. You will get to know what kind of cancer your body might be susceptible to. This observation will further help your doctor in diagnosis.

The most common symptoms are
● Abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding
● Difficulty eating/feeling full too soon
● Pelvic pressure/pain
● Frequent urge to urinate and/or constipation
● Abdominal or back pain
● Bloating
● Pain, itching, or burning of the vulva
● Rashes or sores on the vulvar skin
● Change in vulva color

Symptoms related to the vulva are most likely warning you against vulvar cancer.

Cervical cancer is possible if the only symptom you observed is abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge. Uterine cancer might be the case if you face pelvic pain or pressure along with vaginal bleeding/ discharge.

If it is a frequent urge to urinate or constipation besides abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge, the case might be vaginal cancer.

In case you feel that you observe almost all these signs, the cancer might be of the ovary.

With all that said, you should never assume your disease for yourself based on some self-research. This is the point where you need to consult the best gyne onco surgeon of your area to diagnose and treat your cancer.

Who is a Gyne Onco Surgeon?

A gyne onco surgeon is a gynecologist with specialization in gyne cancers. Some people refer to her as a gynecologic oncologist, as well. She is also trained in advanced surgical techniques along with chemotherapy administration.

This gyne onco surgeon leads a team of specialized physicians that diagnose your condition. After some tests are performed, further action is taken based on your test results. If you are diagnosed with any specific cancer, a team with gynecologic pathologists, and radiation oncologists helps the gyne onco surgeon treat you.

With compassion and care, the best gynecologist will pull you out of this cancer catastrophe with her team in no time.

Best Gynecologist in Delhi for Gyne Oncology

The best way to find a good gyne oncologist is by looking at the expertise of the surgeon
who is supposed to treat you. Location of her clinic might bother you, for ease of access, but must not be the priority.

If you are reading this, you likely know about Dr. Sheetal Agarwal. Not only is she respected by the doctors’ community of Delhi, but also immensely by her patients. They respect and adore her for her compassionate care and result-oriented treatment.

With 24 years of experience, Dr. Sheetal Agarwal knows the ins and outs of her field and has helped many patients fight against the gyne cancer terror.

If you are still bothered about location, do know that her clinic is centrally placed in South Delhi with proper connectivity and various hospitals nearby.

Lastly, if by any chance, you are more worried about your finances than the possibility of cancer, do not worry. She is known for her charging reasonably, for she too believes health and survivability always comes first.

You must check out the words of feedback her past patients have for her. That way, you’ll know why she is one of the best gynecologist in Delhi for gyne oncology.

And now, if you think you have observed any of those warning signs we were talking about, do not delay.

Book a appointment with Dr. Sheetal Agarwal right now! And get your diagnosis done to bid the cancer terror goodbye.

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