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10 Important Things to Avoid During Your Pregnancy

There aren’t many hard and fast rules about dealing with a pregnancy. However, it is one of the most coveted periods of a woman’s life. Every pregnancy is unique and precious. So, being extra careful during these months of your life is essential to ensure not just the baby’s health but also yours.
Any unforeseen circumstances can pose a risk to you as well as the baby. Therefore, you should avoid certain factors that may pose a threat to your pregnancy. Here’s a small list of 10 things you should avoid for a smooth and healthy pregnancy.

how to avoid stress during pregnancy

1. Stress

Feeling stressed is common during pregnancy. But too much stress can make you uncomfortable. Whether you’re at home or outside, stress can come to you in any form. Any type of physical or mental stress should be avoided during your pregnancy. Too much stress can lead to increased secretions of prostaglandins in the body. This, in turn, can increase risks of an unwanted abortion.

avoid smoking during pregnancy

2. Direct and Passive Smoking

While smoking at any given point of your life is dangerous for you, smoking during pregnancy is especially harmful. In fact, even passive smoking should be avoided by pregnant women. There are roughly 4,000 chemicals in passive smoke, with some being linked to cancer. Both active and passive smoking can cause Growth Retardation, Preterm Labour and, at times, Infant Death Syndrome.

say no to drink alcohol during pregnancy

3. Drinking

Alcohol is a strict no during pregnancies. Avoid wine, beer or any form of liquor during your pregnancy for healthy fetal development. Doctors strictly advise against the consumption of alcohol during pregnancies because alcohol can pass through the placental barrier easily, harming the baby’s brain and organ development. Similarly, other high risks include premature birth, stillbirth, brain damage, miscarriage and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

loose clothes feels good during pregnancy

4. Wearing Tight Clothes

Some women enjoy wearing well-fitting clothes, that may be a little too tight on the waist. However, during pregnancy, you should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes. Your body is constantly changing during the 9 months of your pregnancy. And carrying another human being inside of you can be tuff. Therefore, wear clothes that allow you space to breathe, and are comfortable like loose t-shirts, pants with elastic, cotton dresses etc.

avoid heels during pregnancy

5. Your Favourite Heels

Sorry ladies, but you’re gonna have to say goodbye to your favourite stilettos for a while. While still a very debatable topic among women, wearing high heels can lead to painful aftermath during your pregnancy. The centre of gravity for your body shifts once your belly starts growing. Therefore, wearing heels can lead to swollen ankles. Instead, opt for comfortable flats during your pregnancy months.

self meditation during pregnancy

6. Self Medicating

Probably the biggest mistake you can make during pregnancy is self-medicating. Doctor’s strictly advise against taking any medication other than your prescribed ones. Each medicine is produced with certain ingredients and you may never know which medicine can harm the development of your baby or cause harm to it. Before taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications and supplements, speak to your doctor.

7. Caffeine

Caffeine is a diuretic and stimulant, which can increase your heart rate, blood pressure and induce frequent trips to the bathroom. And while you may function just fine caffeinated, your growing baby doesn’t. That’s because the baby’s metabolism is still developing. However, you don’t have to surrender caffeine entirely. Doctors generally suggest a moderate 1-2 cups or 150-300 mg of caffeine is alright in a day during your pregnancy.

8. Sitting or Standing for too long

During pregnancy, staying in the same position for too long can cause swelling in the ankles. In fact, certain instances can lead to the development of varicose veins which is quite painful and problematic. Therefore, always take short breaks of walking around, and frequent change of posture, even while sleeping. If you feel like your legs get tired easily, use a footstool to rest your feet while sitting.

what food need to avoid during pregnancy

9. Restricted Food Items

Avoid eating the following foods during your pregnancy:
● Raw meat and smoked fish- Uncooked seafood including oysters, mussels, and clams. Also avoid rare or undercooked beef and poultry. These can be contaminated with listeria, toxoplasmosis or salmonella.
● Raw Eggs- Avoid raw eggs for they can be contaminated with salmonella. So be wary of homemade Caesar dressings, Hollandaise sauces, mayonnaise, and certain custards. If you wish to eat eggs, cook them thoroughly.
● Unpasteurised dairy products and Soft cheese- These should be avoided at any cost in order to avoid listeria infection.

10. Changing Kitten Litter

Though a peculiar precaution to take, this one is a must. Kitten litter is contaminated with toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease which causes the congenital malformation of the fetus. Therefore, avoid kitten litter. In case you do not have an option, wear gloves while handling kitten litter.

Always Take Advice and Instructions for you Doctor

Pregnancies can be a confusing time for many women. Every pregnancy is surrounded by unique circumstances, even if it’s not your first. Thus, never consult the internet for any underlying circumstances or doubts. Google isn’t always equipped with the right answers or know what’s best for you. Therefore, without fail, always consult your doctor for each and every concern, no matter how big or small. Only your doctor knows what’s best for you and your baby. In fact, before you act upon any third party advice, consult your doctor. And don’t always believe what you read online, in books or in magazines. Be reasonable, trust your instincts and whenever in doubt, call your doctor.

LAST but not the least everything that’s written on GOOGLE is not true. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR DOCTOR.

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